Established in April 2005 as a family concern, the company’s main line of business was the distribution of portable 3000rpm, 2 pole generators for the power & construction industry, hence the company’s name. The units were powered by the “Thompson” range of diesel and petrol 3000rpm engines, imported from ASIA and marketed under sole distributorship throughout Sub – Saharan Africa. As the company grew, more portable line products still powered by small diesel & petrol engines were incorporated; these complimented the current market and also opened new doors to new markets. At this point the product range included:

Diesel & Petrol Generators – Max 7KvA Diesel & Petrol Welders – Max 200amp
Diesel & Petrol Water Pumps – Max 100mm / 4”

For the following two years the company grew the market and extended its reach into neighboring countries increasing the brand recognition of the “Thompson” series engine.

As the reputation of the company grew so did the demand for higher specification generators and at this point these were outsourced to numerous local O.E.M’s and distributors and resold into the market at a premium.

Towards the end of 2006 a resolution was taken by the board that the “outsourcing” was placing too many restrictions on the company’s own destiny, hence the decision was reached to build the Danmik manufacturing facility at the new home of Danmik located at 6 Spence Street, Duncanville Ext. 3 Vereeniging.

The plant was established with the following production capabilities:

Sheet metal work for the production of Sound Canopies for Generating sets ranging from 10 – 1000 kva. Machinery acquired for this operation included: Two new Hydraulic Press Brakes; One new Hydraulic Guillotine and One new Hydraulic notching machine.

Powder Coating including: spray booths; extraction and rearticulating units; powder application units and a computerized gas powdered oven.

Two fully computerized hydraulic, mandrill type pipe benders tooled to 50mm for the construction of heavy duty portable generator frames.

One pneumatic and one hydraulic eccentric press tooled to press electrical power point outlets and panel meter outlets. (Crabtree type).

A welding line.

An electrical workshop.

In 2008 Danmik Power & Construction became the first true Generator O.E.M in South Africa, with the capability to construct in-house from scratch right up until completion entire generators ranging from 10 – 1000kva including the Sound Attenuated Canopy and the Automatic Mains Failure panel complete with wireless modem protocol.

With this production capability backing the company and due to fact that the company is not brand specific it has further expanded its markets into government and telecoms.

Seeking further to control its own destiny, during the early course of 2008 considerable research was done into the possible acquisition of a distributorship for a PLC control unit for AMF applications for generators, with this the company was granted exclusivity for distribution in South Africa of the entire “Monicon” genset controller range out of Taiwan.

Our final “feather in the cap” came with the company been accredited ISO9001 – 2008 in 2010, the only Generator Manufacturing Organization with this international accreditation in South Africa.