First Cooper Engines To Touch African Soil!

In the early hours of November 8th 2017, Danmik Power was bursting with excitement at the container that awaited us outside.

Here at Danmik we believe in challenging ourselves, and there is no greater challenge than that of change.

We Look forward to manufacturing many stunning generators, as well as marketing a new product into the African Market!


Cooper Corp



Danmik Power & Cooper Corp

Danmik Power is proud to announce that as of August 24th 2017 we were awarded sole distributorship of Cooper engines for Sub-Sahara Africa by Cooper Corp.

A Brief Look At Cooper Corp:

The Cooper Corporation employs more than three thousand people; a number of these operate in our various regional offices, making them the largest employer in the area.

With a modern working environment utilizing high specification, computerized, and often robotic, equipment, in-house Staff Training Programs, excellent Pay Rates and Staff and Family Benefits, the Cooper Corporation enjoys a high staff retention rate, with many employees having been recognized for 20, 25, 30, and recently 33 years’ service with the company.

This experienced and well-qualified workforce using the best quality equipment and the latest delivery systems enables them to continue to build on their reputation for innovative, high quality and cost-effective engineering products and excellent customer service.

For more information on Cooper click here or the  below logo:


Cooper Corp